Sunday, October 28, 2012

Curvy Convo NYC...Cardio Style

One thing the blogging world has taught me is, you have to be willing to support each other. So this weekend, I made a point to be at the New York Sports Club on 14th st. in order to support my girl/mentor/blogger buddy Cece Olisa of The Big Girl Blog on her second event. If you missed my post on her first event, check it out here. This time around it was all about fitness. So we all met up at NYSC and for the 1st hour we all joined in on one hell of a Zumba class. The instructor True Dog was fantastic. Let me tell you I was sweating like a pig by time we were through.

True Dog definitely is a ball of energy and that is so important for Zumba instructors to have. That's the only way to really get your class motivated. But I digress...after we sweated out every thing, it was now time to open up and talk. And of course fitness was our topic of discussion. I love this portion because to me it's so cool to be around other young women that look like me and have gone or are going through the same things as me as a plus size woman. We discussed everything from getting funny stares at the gym, to people wanting to modify our work outs cause we're bigger girls, to dating (cause of course dating is always up for discussion! lol)

CeCe & myself

Alex, he's just awesome thus I had to add his picture lol

Before and after zumba lol you can't I was tired lol

Me and True Dog after class...I had to snag a pic with this guy, so awesome

Time to sit down and chit chat! Cece leading the conversation!

A great group of ladies, just listening, and engaging on topics that actually pertain to us. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw all my pics with the hastag #CurvyconvoNYC

 Ha! I won another gift, a $25 gift card to Just my Size POW! I tweeted my butt off for this thing lol

Myself with vintage clothing line owner Ose (Uh-Seh) she is just so fly and a great spirit!

 My favorite twin bloggers Jeka and Jeke of Le Maison Deux...their blog is awesome, if you don't know about them, you should.

Of course I have no photos of use actually doing the class cause I was too busy sweating. However it was a great day. And I am so glad that I went. Cece did say that this is her last event for 2012, but will be having some great events in 2013 so be on the look out. Thanks CeCe ATGC loves you! Until next time ladies


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let the good times roll...

Lunch+fall+a camera+bloggers= one hell of a time! So on Sunday, I had an awesome time going to lunch at Houlihans with Ericka of The Regine Report and Jen of Jasiferlions Club. And let me tell you, I couldn't have asked for a better time. You all already know I adore the life out of Jen, but it was nice to have her meet my good friend/mentor (she just doesn't know it yet lol) Ericka. We enjoyed a nice lunch and drinks, talked about so important news (which you'll lean about in the future) and we just enjoyed each others company. And of course in true blogger fashion, there was no way were gonna end the day without take pictures together. Now let preface this by saying, when you put 3 interesting personalities together in front of the camera please expecting nothing but craziness!

btw...thanks Jen for the pics!
Always gotta share a good laugh!

New buddies!

Always on our grind!

These 2 just know how to pose!

You all know about that make-shift tripod! But we got some really great shots though!

Yup, the things we do sometimes makes us do crazy things in public lol I love this pic!
All in all it was a great day for me. I've been going through a lot lately and it was so nice to have time with young ladies that are about the blogger lifestyle and are always willing to have a good time. But more than that they are women that I look up to and awesome in their own way! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Black & Gold Classic

Fashion is all about making it work. As I was trying to find an outfit to where to the Eddy & Bri event, I knew from the jump that I wanted to wear this oh so fantastic sweater I found in my mother's closet. But of course I had not idea what bottoms. But the skirt I had in mind, was to long. So i had to have a DIY moment. So long story short a little bit of time, my 2 hands and safety pins and viola!

This outfit gave me more attention that I bargained for. I guess its the idea of my short skirt with the stockings and wedges. I mean hey I was feelin myself something serious lol
Oufit Details:
Top: Mom's
Skirt: gift from my mom (Tahari
Wedges: Shoedazzle
Bag: Thrift store
Jewelry: various places

Yes I know you can see the top of my stockings. It was intentional but I kinda liked it! made me feel daring and sexy. Shouts of out to CVS!

I am so in love with this shirt. One day I was at my moms house and I just couldn't help but go through her closet and found this little jem. I mean really how fantastic is this!

 Lately Janelle Monae has been my hair-spiration. I'm always looking for a reason to wear my hair in a pompador!
What do you think? Until next time ladies.


Happy Birthday Eddy & Bri

Thursday night I headed up to Harlem to celebrate the 1 year anniversary for one of my favorite places to shop.. Since they came on the scene last year I have been  a loyal shopper. And of course is all the more better that the owner Eddwina Gregg is a total sweetheart and is pure awesome sauce!

It was held at the WXYZ lounge, which I have to say is a cute little spot. (random sidenote I have to hang out in Harlem more often) You could mix mingle, have some cute little cupcakes, get a drink, preview some of her stuff and of course shop.( I couldn't get anything cause a I'm all types of broke lol) but Eddwina knows she's is always a go to. It was nice little turn out. I got to see some of my favorite blogger buddies, and one of my favorite designers ms Qristyl Frazier.

I was 2 hours late (totally not my fault) but I'm so glad I went to support Eddwinna.

Eddwina fierce in Red!

 Jewelry for days!

I need that blazer...and it came in a burn orange color!

Cupcakes anyone?!

Beautiful ladies in attendance

Its my love Kelly and her lovely friend...her skirt was to die for!

It was good time. Eddwina we love you. you're for ever in my closet! Be sure to check out Eddy & Bri's website to stock up you closets. Until next time ladies


Monday, October 15, 2012

Be an Empress in your Lingerie

I'm actually excited to write this post. I generally never really talk about lingerie or undergarments for that matter. But Empress Lingerie has definitely piqued my interest. I had the pleasure of seeing what EL had to offer back in Septemeber when I attended the Curvy Closets runway show in Philly. I was definitely surprised, and thought this line is gonna be awesome.

Empress Lingerie…Giving Curves the Royal Treatment. Empress Lingerie was created with the above average woman in mind! Empress Lingerie conjures up titillating fantasies and mischievous rendezvous, to allow the fun to begin. Our contemporary costume and lingerie line embodies a panache and passion for on-trend designs, impeccable craftsmanship, bold colors and eye-catching prints with luscious fabrics and flirty details. As an emerging leader in the industry, Empress Lingerie seeks to be known for our integrity, innovation, impeccable customer service, trend-right designs, high quality, and competitively priced products, all while bringing luxury home. The boutique offers unique finds that are inspired by ready wear trends. Our garments are carefully selected to accentuate and define the very best your body has to offer. We truly believe that fashion is about more than how you look, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle. Balancing affordability and quality, Empress Lingerie always seeks to…Give Curves the Royal Treatment!! 

The brain child of Domonique Revere-Lincoln, her vision is really shining through with her signature collection.

aint she just beautiful!

The line offers babydolls, bras, corsets, bustiers and everything else we as women would love to have on under our clothes to make us look and feel sexy. EL offers size 8-28 all within an affordable price range. Move over Vicky Secret Empress Lingerie is here for the curvy girls of the world.

To check out their new arrivals, check out their look book here. What do you guys think? Until next time loves.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Closet's Fall Trends

For the 1st time in my year & some change blogging, people are actually asking me what trends do I think are big for the fall. And to be honest this is new for me. I  mean I always had my opinion, but to have people actually want to know that opinion its crazy to me. But any who lets move on. Now I know there are a lot of trends that are great for the fall. But below are the trends that I'm really getting into and trends that I'm seeing everywhere.

Gorgeous in Green
Green, teal or whatever I think is just a fun color. Its super chic, if you take the time you can really find some great outfits. Paring it with a great print and just cant go wrong.

Peplum is here to stay
Peplum in my opinion will be around for awhile. When the trend 1st came back the dresses were super hot. But I'm loving how it is truly evolving. The peplum tops, the peplum jumpsuit, and Zara has given us options to make any skirt or dress in to a peplum silhouette with the peplum belt.

I'm so for Print
Now you all know I adore print. But what I love for this fall is not just an animal print, but really great heavy print. I'm talking a Baroque or Dog tooth or houndstooth, I just get excited about it.

Fun with Red Wine
I have been swooning over this color for the longest. I think red, especially maroon & wine shades are super sexy and really versatile. It can be your one statement piece or pair it with a print and you are ready to go.

If you guys have other trends you love, leave a comment at the bottom. Until next time.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kardashian Kollection

No I'm not here to talk about Kim & Kanye or Kourtney and Scott. I do believe that this family has other talents as well. Now we all know that the 3 main faces of this family are rather fashionable ladies. So they have pulled together to create the Kardashian Kollection. At first sold exclusively at Sears, but also will be sold at starting Nov. 8th
The other day while I was out with Jen of Jasiferlionsclub for lunch. Our usual outting to California Pizza Kitchen. Spending time with her is always a blast. I just adore all that is Jen. We stopped in Sears to see what the kollection had to offer. (yes for this post I will spell collection with a 'K'). To be perfectly honest I think have good line on their hands. They have a straight size line as well as a plus size appropriately named Kardashian Kollection Kurves. I will say Sears didn't have too many options for the Kurve line, but what they did have I would give a B+. I say that cause they had some trendy options, but they need to tweak the sizing a bit.
Their straight size line I think will really, really take off because some of their options have really great stretch.  They are the perfect example of try things on. You never know how something will fit until you take into the dressing room.

 This dress is an xl and fit great. And you know I swoon for a high/low dress!

 Jen tried this little jacket on and it was to die for on her!

Their jeans...ok we know for the most part both Khloe and Kim are curvy women. So their is some thought put into how the jeans are constructed. They are offered in boot cut, straight leg, and skinny depending on which sister you pick. 
I tried on the Khloes and I love them. There is a good amount of stretch which works great for us girls that have thighs and things. And because Khloe is tall, her jeans have a really good inseam. like I could wear them and not see my ankles lol #epicwin.

So remember to keep and eye out for the kollection when it launches for Dorothy Perkins in November. But in the mean time be sure to check your nearest Sears for the Kardashian Kollection and try them out for yourself.

until next time

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