Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evans opening in the US Market

Yes you read the title correctly. Evans, one of the popular go to companies for plus size fashionistas with be opening their virtual doors in the US market! I'm sure many of us are ok with ordering from the UK and even trying to converting the Euro to the dollar. But I mean how can we not be excited. It'll be the same great quality, sizes 12-30 and a plethora of shoes options size 6.5-12.5. 

Evans is an award winning plus size clothing store specializing in sizes 14-23 (US 12-30) with our range including plus size clothing, lingerie, and wide fitting shoes and boots in sizes 4-10 (US 6.5-12.5) Evans aim to provide great clothes in wonderful fabrics and designs that fit and flatter your body shape. 

And to sweeten the pot, Evans wants to give one of you lovely ladies a chance to win $500 shopping spree. To enter to win click here

I'm really excited and definitely can't wait.


Monday, August 29, 2011

IFB Project; Fashion...Media...Evolution

Hey ladies, Independent Fashion Bloggers project #11...I love doing these projects and being apart of such fierce community. It's fun to see what inspires other people!

Top Ten Magzines/Fashion Sites that inspire me!

Chictopia- I love seeing the outfits. It’s one thing to seeing just the clothes in a magazine, but to see them on someone, it makes the vision come to life.
Polyvore- What girl doesn’t like to play with her imagination. Polyvore lets me play dress up as a grown woman. #epicwin
Instyle- There are no words to explain wow awesome Instyle is. Fierce fashion, beautiful women, top designers, amazing ideas…#win
Plus Model Magazine- My blog is all about Showcasing, Supporting and celebrating fierce plus size fashionistas. This magazine lets me know that the industry is starting to realize that size is just a number. Being fierce comes in all sizes.
Frantic Dreams- Franceta’s blog just gives me life. Not only is she a thick female, she is tall and fierce. I stand at 6’0 Franceta is 6’5 and every time I see her clothes, I just drool cause she always looks amazing.
Self- Self magazine keeps me coming back because it allows me to read about ideas on how to stay healthy but still love amazing, and comfortable in my own skin.
The Sneakerette- Eileen is one of my favorite bloggers. I live a pair of sneakers just as much as a pair of heels. And Eileen feeds my sneaker soul. Her kicks are fly, and I love that she is still a girl. Meaning that she rocks these fly as sneakers, but pairs them with great make-up and nail art!
Cosmopolitan-Cosmo inspires me because I always feel like it is a magazine just for me. The young women that grace the cover are perfect for the nature of the magazine. It keeps me updated about all things in the media most definitely including the fashion.
Nadia- There are no words to explain the fierceness that is Nadia. She makes me proud to be curvy. Her imagination and creativity seem endless. I love that most of her outfits are thrifted, she brings new life to these clothes. And girl has got a FIERCE SHOE GAME!
Dulce Candy- I recently discovered her blog about 2 weeks ago, and I fell in love immediately. I saw her post on wearing pajama pants with a yellow top, and orange shoes. I promise you, I fell off my bed. I love her handbags, and the shoes…*2 snaps*


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Size 11 needs love too

Have you gone in to a store that sells shoes but know you will never find your size?
Have you ever found the perfect shoe in your size but it cost and arm and a leg?
Ever get frustrated when all your friends find their size but you're still struggling?

If yes, then read on lol...

I always said that if I had the money and the resources I would own my own shoe line, catering to young women wearing shoes sizes 9 and up. Standing at 6'0 tall, having small feet was not an option. I wear a size 11 and depending on where i go I can fit a size 10. The sad thing is finding cute shoes from places like Forever 21, Wetseal, H&M, Charolette Russe or even being able to find my size on the shelf at shoes stores ALWAYS proves to be a difficult task.

I applaud both Torrid and Lane Bryant for catering to us girls with larger feet, but not ever one can splurge $40 and up for shoes, when we know there are other stores that have them for cheaper. Or the sad thing is, some times you go to shoe stores that do carry larger sizes but they only got a few in and they have run out. The hard part is, your shoes size is not like your clothes size. You can lost weight and change the size in which you wear. But shoes sizes are never that drastic. Granted, losing weight has the potential to alter your shoe size but girls wearing size 11 will never fit into a size 9, unless you dont value your feet and is ok with pain lol

I find this interesting because a lot of models in the fashion world wear larger sizes, and the average women wears a 9- 91/2 and up. This not to discriminate against other shoe sizes but I mean just once I would like to go into Forever21 and buy shoes. I'm quite sick of going into shoe stores, and not seeing my size. or seeing the size 11 section being significantly smaller than other sections. Or if I cruise the sale rack, I'm sick of seeing ugly blocking, unflattering frumpy looking shoes for larger sizes. Like yea I wear a size 11 I still want to wear the cute stuff.

Where do we go from here? lol

Size 11 and up girls UNITE!!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IFB Conference Outfit...Hopefully!

IFB Conference Outfit...Hopefully!

IFB Conference Outfit...Hopefully! by closetfashion featuring leather hats

So tonight I just paid for my registration to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference on Sept. 7th. I must say I am qiute excited, to be around other fashion bloggers and to hear the multiple panelist speak. And you all know me, this is a perfect time to figure out an outfit. Personally for me, events like the IFB Conference, I have to build an outfit in my mind first. Some times its a hits and miss but hey it works for me. I plan on buying the shorts from Asos Curve and I wanted to really wear a sheer top.

Now of course I can't afford everything here but this is the idea I'm going for. Shorts, a sheer top, fierce wedges, large envelope clutch, statement jewelry and fierce red lips. I want to really step outside my comfort zone and I know the other young ladies are going to look great.

So stick around, and let's see if I pull this off.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magazine Cover Inspiration

Jennifer Hudson on the cover of Self

Robyn Lawley on the cover of Austrialian Vouge

Robyn Lawly on the cover of Italian Vouge

Emma Meyer on the Cover of Plus Model Magazine

Inspiration; Kai Morae

From the first time I saw her on TVOne's Lisa Raye; The Real McCoy, I have been a huge fan of hers. I thought she was absolutely beautiful. And then she gets into Modeling and I was hooked. Kai is the daughter of Lisa Raye McCoy But what I love is that she is make a name for herself. She has worked for Evan's and is currently the face of Apple Bottoms plus size line.

What makes her an inspiration to me is that she is a true curvy woman, she's beautiful, and

Kai Morae is actively involved in advocating, through motivational speaking, for Young Girls ages 14-21 about Self-Esteem and Staying True to Yourself with "Girlfriends for Teens of Color Magazine." She is beginning to grasp the sight of stardom with photo shoots, magazine spreads, interviews, and events. Reaching out to others through hosting different soirees in various cities along with motivational speaking as a young curvy model with confidence in this industry.
According to Kai Morae's Website

She's been all over the blogs, catalogs for the top plus size companies. Like this girl  is all over my tumblr lol Keep an eye out for Kai she is making major moves and making molds!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Simple Things

Just a simple outfit i threw together to go to dinner with my firiends. I wanted to keep it simple cause we were only going to Fridays. I succeeded in wearing a messy bun, which proved to be difficult to drive with seeing as how it sits so high on my head. The pink lips and the wedges I threw on for the pictures. But for the most part I like the look. The skinny jeans are from Forever 21, The shirt was a gift from my mom, the wedges I found at Target for only $6.49!!!!  Simple but i love it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IFB Project; What's in your Purse

So I've been meaning to do a post like this. As an avid IFB member it was only right that I do so. ok soooo what's in my purse (one of them lol)

My Business Cards

 Cell Phone, Ipod, lip gloss, blisticks, tweezers, ipod charger, digital camera
car/house keys, Barnes & Noble name badge

A that I work at B&N this will be my life; pleasure reading

My Superman wallet (given to me by my little)

My favorite bag of choice!

So there you have it ladies, that't what I have in my purse. Its not much buuuuuuuut yea! lol


Real Life Runway; SheDel

It's funny when homegirl asked if I don't mind her sending in another post. She should know, she can send in 20 outfits and EVERY SINGLE outfit will get posted. lol Shedel is one of my favorite bloggers, I stalk her blog all the time, her style and her confidence are what you girls need to look up to.. You all know her, Ladies its Shedel!!!!

And of course, If you haven't already you NEED to follow her blog! My Thrifted Closet

Where you wore this outfit?
I wore this outfit to pick up my mom from work AND I wanted a photoshoot

Where you got each item. (If applicable)?
Lace crop top- $7 @ Rainbow
Leopard Skirt $3.75 @ Goodwill
Earrings- Mom Thrifted
Chunky Necklace- $6.99
Flats- $22.99 @ Payless

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Surprise Award

So I'm here cruising the blogs like I always do and I ended up looking at one of my favorite blogs The Sneakerette, cause her blog just gives me life. And I clicked on her page to see what awards she has, because I know I just gave her one. And what do I see? She gave me my 3rd blog award. needless to say I was excited. Its a great feeling when a blogger that you admire, takes the time out to give you an award. So with all that being said, shout out to Eileen, the oh so fly master mind behind The Sneakerette. Thanks hun!

ok now 7 things about me
1. My favorite movie of all time is Coming to America
2. I have random spurts of DIY creativity
3. i have an obsession with handbags
4. My old room used to be Royal Blue
5. I used to be a competitive swimmer
6. I've always been in sports, despite my body size
7. I live in front of the mirror lol

Blogs deserving of the award

Curves and Confidence
a FAT girls Blues...
Dulce Candy
Voluptuous Chronicles
Curves and Chaos

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Girl's gotta have her Neon!

A girl has to love colors. And unless you’ve lived under a rock, you would know that neons are the thing to own! And I am not immune, I salivate over the thought of a Cambridge Satchel. I mean look at it, its soooo pretty.

I’m one for a pop of color and this is just the thing to do it. Buuuuut for those of us, who are little bit more budget conscience and clearly can't afford a satchel that runs from about $140-$155 US, we need to find other alternatives.

So yesterday I treated myself to some shopping. I made pit stop in Torrid (I’ll get to that in another post), Forever 21, Old Navy, and awesome shoe store called Spring. I’ve stopped in the store plenty of times before, but what caught my eye was the EXTRA 30% OFF signs. What girl doesn’t love a great sale? So as I’m looking at the shoes and what not this bright little thing caught my eye. So of course I run straight for it! The bag was a originally $29 and I got it for $10.49 ahhhhh! Yup! Its so cute, super chic, so “in” Can’t wait to wear it!

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