Monday, April 30, 2012

Time to get Bare...

With your necessities of course. I'm sure most of you have heard of Bare Necessities, or know someone who has. If you haven't here's a little bit about them; Launched in 1998 Bare Necessities has sold over 5 million bras and other intimate apparel products. It is the second largest online retailer of in mens and womens intimate clothing behind Victoria Secret. They offer a plethora of styles as well as size for every size.

But this post isn't just about Bare Necessities, I have some exciting news. In February Bare Necessities launched the the sister line for all us curvy women. I personally think this is great, because finding the right bra, or the right swimsuit to fit your bust line, or just sexy intimates to wear for you man is hard to come by, in good quality of course. The products they offer range from bras to shape wear, to swimsuits to sleepwear.

BarePlus by Bare Necessities will feature more than 500 bras that fit sizes 38A - 56J, including everyday bras, sports bras, and sexy bra and panty sets. The website,, will offer more than 1,000 styles of plus size lingerie, hosiery and swimwear, from 81 brands including Elomi, SPANX, Bali, Wacoal, Hanky Panky, and Calvin Klein.
"The launch of BarePlus reinforces our commitment to serving the woman with curves," said Jay Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer for Bare Necessities. "The launch marks the beginning of our effort to build the best shopping experience for curvy women. Over the next several months, you’ll see more features, photography representative of our customer, and exciting new products from the world’s best brands that you won’t find anywhere else."
BarePlus marks the first major effort executed by Dunn since joining Bare Necessities in 2011 as its first Chief Marketing Officer. Dunn came from Lane Bryant, where he had been the mastermind behind the landmark "Red Bra" ad campaign. The advertisement, which ran on American Idol, featured a plus size model flaunting a sexy red bra and panty set and became a national sensation after it was initially banned by both ABC and Fox for showing too much cleavage. The controversy ignited a national debate regarding how curvy women are portrayed in the media. Press release

In addition to their intimates Bareplus also offers swimwear, and not just one pieces anymore. The unique thing about what Bareplus offers is that they offer swimsuit tops based on your bra size, so that you feel supported, comfortable, and sexy while soaking in the sun. 

I think Mr. Dunn had the right idea!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

NJ welcomes our neighbor from the North!

The plus size fashion blogging world is only but so big, and after awhile you run into the same people and start to make friends. I mean why not? We have at least one thing in common.
I experienced this during the weekend of NJFFFW. When I met one of my favorite bloggers Sarah of Queen Sized Flava. I remember when I 1st found her blog. I was blown away. She was soooo pretty! She had locs and girl could dress. From then on I was hooked. Yes I must admit I stalk her blog annnnnd I totally ok with that. When we both found out that we would be attending NJFFFW she reached out to me about sharing a hotel room and after some back and forth we were finally gonna meet. And let me tell trying to stroke her ego or anything, but she is one of the nicest, coolest people I ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is one of the people that will out of her way for others. and I can definitely rock with that.
But for those of you who are unfamiliar with Sarah (which you shouldn't be) lets dive in and get to know her.

How old are you? A lady never tell her age!!(26...;-P)

What made you start your blog? Omg! do you really want me to write a novel here?!? Well to make a long story short plus size fashion is practically non existent in Quebec so being the fashion lover that I am I had to do something about it.

How long have you been blogging? 2yrs

What is the purpose of your blog? To promote body diversity, confidence. self-acceptance in Quebec fashion industry and once this is done I'll take on Canada and so on and so forth.

What are your hobbies outside of your blog? house dancing, capoeira and physical training

Tell us what the plus size scene is like in Canada. We're literally 5 years behind our American neighbors and 10 yrs behind the UK.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Only time will tell

Where do you get your confidence from? From God

Sarah is living in Montreal, Canada and is on a mission to have plus size fashion more accepted in Canada. I remember her saying, that's why she loved coming to the states so much, cause we have events like NJFFFW and NYFFFW(which she will be one of the official bloggers for btw) There isn't much like that is Canada. Her blog just continues to gain so much popularity. And why shouldn't it?

She petitioned to have her local Forever 21 have a plus size section. And in case you didn't know it recently just launched. Check out her post on it here. Being on a mission to change how Canadians view plus size fashion is a task and a half but I honestly can't think of anyone else this is more qualified to make that happen than Sarah!
I had the pleasure of watching her network the entire weekend, and it was definitely a sight to see. I even had a hard time keeping up with her at first, because once she goes....good luck lol! All you hear is her introducing herself, talking about the purpose of her blog, talking about being from Canada. and its the same image of her...dressed in a fly outfit, her camera, her ipad and A STACK of business cards!!! I can't even be mad though, she kept me on my toes the whole weekend. She made me what to get my act together.

And she has such a positive energy, that you can't help but enjoy her presence. I think we all can learn a lot from her as a blogger and as a person. Cause I mean clearly she is doing something right.

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*photos belong to sarah

Feeling the print

I know, I know, I've been such a horrible blogger. But it's been crazy and me trying to take pics of my outfit just prove to be rather difficult. But anyway, this outfit I was excited to wear. I was going to an event after work, and needed something nice to wear. I just purchased this shirt for DOTS and I knew I wanted to wear it with colored bottoms. So naturally blue was my first choice.
Yes I have on my leopard print booties, and I knew it would be a stretch because of the printed shirt, buuuuuuut since when do I follow rules! right?! Hell yea I threw on the leopard print booties and got to steppin'! My hair was freshly washed, matched it with my favorite long earrings and bag...and there you have it. Speaking of the bag I don't think I ever showcased it on the blog. But the bag is from Urban Outfitters, it was a Christmas gift from my bestie.

Outfit Details:
Shirt & earrings: DOTS
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Just fabulous
Bag: UO (gifted)

Definitely all smiles for today

 I did my own make-up yay me!
until next time ladies!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Li Li & Me...or & Shay

So I know you all saw my absolutely dope earring that looked like a giant safety pin!?!?! Right?!! well if you didn't see it here. But this post is all about the master mind behind it. Li Li and Me is the brain child of cousins Linda Street and Misty Easter...(get it Li Li & Me) their entire line is about bringing  something fresh and new to accessories.

I found out about them as I was walking around during the shopping expo at NJFFFW. A lot of vendors were their and a lot of them had really great accessories, particularly earrings. But none of the earrings really spoke to my heart. And you all know me, I need to be excited for me to buy it. But anywho, it wasn't until I go to the Li Li & me booth and I saw the 'Pin Up Girl' earrings. They stopped me in my tracks, and I just knew they had to be mine. From that moment on I was hooked. I only brought one big one cause another girl wanted the same pair so we split it...she took 1 and I took the other. (lol we're earring buddies) I also ended up buying a pair of smaller ones as well. You know it's always good to have variety. Enough about me.

Li Li & Me's founders are all about "sharing a passion for art, fashion, music, beauty and originality" and I couldn't agree more because they do it so well. Their 'Li Li & Me' nameplate necklace is made out of recycled vinyl.You've seen my earrings...need I say more. And they have a host of other accessories to fit your needs.

After this weekend Li Li & Me is now and forever on my list of places to shop and buy accessories! You all know me, the crazier and "out there" something is, the more prone I am to buy it. and not to mention Linda is an absolute sweetheart. She is just so cool and has a serious eye for new & trendy things. Misty who modeled for NJFFFW half shaved head and all is just so damn fly herself that it makes perfect sense that there two Ladies create such great pieces.


If you're into this stuff, which I know most of you are...your should soooo check them out.

Their Website


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yellow & Print

If you've been following my blog, you all know I'm in love with color and print. Whether it's on me or on someone else. And recently I've been buying things with strong prints. The outfit I wore today was relatively last minute but organinc.
The skirt I got from Eddy & Bri and from the time I got it in the mail, I've been trying to figure out an outfit. I originally planned to be safe & wear it with my black sheer button up from Forever 21, cause of the black in the skirt. but it didnt really speak to my heart. But when I woke up on the morning I planned to wear it, I didnt realized I didn't want to wear the black shirt! So as I as going through my drawers I saw this shirt and I knew immediately that this would be my outfit for the day. It's a basic long sleeve shirt from fashion to figure. This is a perfect example why they say you need to have the basics in your closet.
I'm so in love with this look! As I usually am with my more organic outfits. It's fun and loud...just the way I like it!
Outfit Details
Shirt-Fashion to Figure
Skirt- Eddy & Bri
Shoes- Shoe Depot
Bag- Urban Outfitters

 I tried to channel my inner model!

Until next time ladies! 

On the 3rd day...we did everything #NJFFFW

After a rather long day on Saturday most of us were up early Sunday morning to get a good spot for Zumba class with actor and choreographer Darin Hennson. Now I had a good time although it wasn't exactly a zumba class. It was more like a put together dance class. But the highlight was that I taught the class for about 30 seconds lol (hey it's the little things in life)

After getting in a good sweat it was time to checkout, eat and attend the rest of the day. Which consisted of more shopping, a discussion/ q&a session with plus size model Tocarra jones, as well as a statewide model search for the new face of Nfinite Form. Oh and how could I forget about our MC for the runway show....the ever so fine Mr. Lamman Rucker (oh god yes with all his sexy chocolateness).
The talk with Tocarra crossed all spectrum from being a plus size model, to being a black model, to life, to women being confident in themselves and the list goes on. The she opened the floor to question, which allowed the audience to really get personal with her as well as open up about different things that has been on my mind. For me personally I thought it was great cause Tocarra is one of the few working models that people can honestly say that have followed her career and still hold a high level of respect for.

Upon ending the discussion/Q&A she joined Lamman Rucker, Chenese Lewis, April Gordon, Michyl Collins, and others as judges for the state wide model search. Now I must say that I was quite surprised by the outcome of the model search. Congratulations to Rachel Warren for becoming the new face of Nfinite form. I'm sure she will be great as she takes on the new endeavor.
Now I'm sure some of you are like, what you mean the winner took you by surprise? The top two girls that I just knew were gonna win...didn't! But hey what do I know?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On to the next two fo NJFFFW

After an awesome first day, I woke up Saturday morning in my hotel room at the Atlantic Palace and was greeted with a beautiful 16 floor view of the ocean and the board walk. Me and Sarah got ourselves dressed and was ready to start our day. The first event of the day was a Fashion panel discussion which touched on a lot of different issues and ideas that plus size women have to deal with on an everyday basis. and in true NJFFFW style the panel was made of great group of women.

-Gabi of
-Nikki Blonsky
-Chelsea Settles of MTV's Chelsea Settles
-Heather Feather of TLC's Big Sexy
-Jene Luciani
-Aimee Cheshire
-Kayla Humphries

As a blogger I feed off of knowing what other women think about fashion and things. There are so many brands on the market that aren't as main stream the Lane Bryants and the Torrids and we need to get to know them because we need those options. Also talking about how and why straight size lines don't make time to really invest in plus size clothing. It is so important to have to someone that really knows and understands a females body. And I couldn't agree more. Brands can't just slap together plus size clothes and think it'll be ok. We need quality, we need clothes that fit in the right areas.

After a deep discussion with the panel it was time to get some shopping on. There were some extremely great vendors that ranged from Make-up to jewelry, to clothing to bras, to skin care to fitness. Nfinite Form (the creators of NJFFFW) made sure to really cover all their basis. They really wanted all of us to have access to different ways of bettering ourselves beyond just clothing. I got some really great earrings...which you will see in a little bit.

My outfit for the day...I finally got to wear the romper I got from Asos like for ever ago!
 yes it is Gabi from Yes my life is complete! and Ms. Kayla Humphries, she is gorgeous and has the most beautiful eyes ever!

After about an hour or so of shopping it was time for two more of the fashion slated for the weekend. We kicked it off with Darin Hennson entertaining us. Yes I said Darin Hennson, you know him from his role as Lim on Soul Food, Grant on Stomp the Yard and the infamous chorographer for in N'SYNC Britany Spears and Darin's Dance Grooves. The 1st of two fashions shows of the day was Swimsuit and Lingerie here's a few of the looks!

To see more click here...

Do a little fast forwarding to the after party for the night. We headed over to the Harlem Club at the Showboat for dinner, drinks some dancing and to see both Melanie Fiona and Eric Benet perform. As well as to absolutely gut busting comedians. Great food, good laughs, drinks and music is a recipe for a good time!

Lovely in a pink blazer for the night...

 My face was BEAT TO HELL saturday night thanks to Sarah of Queen Sized Flava!!! 

My new dope ass earring...I'll post about these in a later post!
until next time...

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