Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Curvy Faces

I always enjoy seeing my favorite curvy women out in the mainstream doing great work. I think it does my heart good to know and see women that look like me really making moves in their careers. Like I always say, being sexy, confident in your self and being fabulous has nothing to do with the number on your clothes tag.

The ever loving and fabulous Adele graces the cover of Rolling Stone! 

Of course one of my favorite models Allison Mcgevna for Monif C. Giving me face! YES MA'AM!!!

 Ms. Tara Lynn, I've always admired her face and her curves. Doing her thing for Torrid!

The beautiful Chasity Saunders on the cover of Plus Model Mag Sept. 2012

Stay positive ladies and lets push for our dreams. Until next time.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Opinion

So the other day I was on facebook and I came across this picture from a magazine that said "78% of men would rather date a confident plus size woman than an insecure super-model" I then went and put on my instagram (@thickgrlscloset) and my tumblr. The feedback started out on a positive note, but lately I've been seeing some of the comments and opinions of both men and women alike and I'm a little bothered. Please don't get me wrong your opinion is your opinion and I'm not here to change that. But this is how I feel.

I believe the purpose of what was said was not say "ok its cool for you to be fat" but rather, a reminder that a man is not looking at just your body, but the way in which you carry yourself. Like why can't folks just take it for what it is? I mean lets be real I can't stand an insecure female, especially a curvy women that's insecure. It just bothers me. And I know that if I can't stand that type of female,  no man can. No dude wants to talk to, date, sleep with, or deal with woman that has no confidence in herself regardless of her body size. Even the worse male chauvinist would get fed up with her insecurities. 

I think too many people are looking at the negative side. I can't tell you how many girls say men don't like thick/curvy/plus size women. But when we hear that there are men out there who actually care, we get bent out of shape. I'm not saying that we have live and die but this random statistic but when I read it for the first time I had to flip my hair one good time and hit my Tyra Banks walk cause I felt like "hell yea" lolOK maybe that's just me)

The point of what was simple. Men want a confident woman. To them that is sexier that whether or not she can shop in the main line at Forever 21. Maybe you have a different POV let me know


Popping with Monif C.

It's crazy, every season I tell myself "no you're not gonna do another post on Monif C." but then I see her line and new arrivals and I get weak in the knees. And I just have to write about it. For me, Monif C, like so many other curvy women, we salivate over the beautiful creations that Monif C. produces. And granted I don't have the pockets to afford her but hey there's nothing wrong with looking and holding on to a dream. So enough of my blabbering, check out her new arrivals and I dare you to tell me you don't get excited.

"Dana"                                 "Maggie"

What I enjoy as usual is that fact she's never afraid of color. As you can see bold purples, cobalt blues reds, and prints. All great options for fall. And for those who like a subtle boldness of course black is always an option.

"Alexandra"                                "Gia"

"Lena"                             "Whitley"

To see more options in colors and styles, and of course her famous convertible dress, head over to her website 

until next time,

Friday, September 21, 2012

ATGC Inspiration...Sukanya Krishnan

Sukanya Krishnan aka Suki is one of the morning anchors of PIX 11 in the NJ/NY metro area. As someone who has her degree in communications I am prone to watching the news for my own personal entertainment. So it should come as no surprise that Suki is one of my favorite anchors. She truly is hilarious but has a certain kind of charm.

Every morning I know will get a good laugh during the 3 hours that she is on air. But she also has a way of finding the right time to be serious and drive her points home. I enjoy the fact that she knows how to be herself and still be professional. She has her own voice. When I was in school I have heard many journalist that say you have to have your own voice when reporting the news. She is definitely one of my career idols, and at one point in time when I thought I was going to be a news anchor I looked up to all that is Suki lol
Krishnan has won numerous community service awards, including honors from the NYPD and the NJ State and Local Police Departments, as well as many others from Indian American organizations for representing South Asians in the media.
Her Emmy awards include a 2002 recognition for her coverage as a live reporter on 9-11, and back-to-back Emmys in 2005 and 2006 for On-Camera Achievement (NEWS) Anchor/Host.
Since 2002, Krishnan has been involved with World Cares, an organization that helps first responders and fosters safe and effective disaster response and resilient recovery within communities.

But beyond her talent what really drew me to her obviously is fact that she is multicultural and that she is #teamcurvywoman. And she does support the movement of not just "pro curvy women" but body acceptance. Loving and accepting yourself regardless of your body size. check the insert from her interview with Plus Model Mag back in 2008 

[Mia] You've got fans in the curvy community for, among other things, covering the latest in plus fashions on the CW 11 Morning News.  Do you make a concerted effort to help out your fellow curvy fashionistas?

[Sukanya]  I love doing segments for everyone but the curvy woman, I think, is forgotten much of the time.  We live in such a society and we are fed these messages everyday that being skinny is beautiful. There's is such an emphasis on it. I hope to put a different spin on it. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and I hate the "one size fit's all" version of beauty. I just like putting forward a healthy idea of loving the skin that you are in and living a healthy lifestyle. It's a lesson I'm learning about everyday. 
Plus Model Magazine
I remember when she was pregnant and think she is still so fly!
 My fave!
We all need people to look up to and Suki has been one of top favorite. Dont get me wrong I love the entire PIX 11 morning cast Frances Rivera, Linda Church, Tamsen Fadal, Lisa Mateo, Craig Treadway, James Ford, Lionel, Dan Mannarino, Hilary Whittier, and Mike Gilliam LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!

until next time,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Steve Harvey for the Fall

How many times have us working girls felt like the clothes in our clothes isn't always work appropriate. Or our work clothes are BORING!!! But I must say there are lines coming out for curvy women that not only fit our bodies, but are very much fashion forward. And of course work appropriate. With all that being said, I'm excited to write about this collection. This is nothing super new, but I'm willing to bet most folks don't know about it.
Celebrity/comedian/inspirational speaker/author (yea this man wears a lot of hats) Steve Harvey is known for his impeccable taste in suits. He has added his since of style and eye for fashion for the working woman.  His collection offers affordable professional clothing, for curvy women. But not just the boring black, gray, or navy suits. He is offering separates, great blazers, dresses, color and prints! for the #win

Lets check it out!

Jackets for the fall! 

  This blazer is fantastic. The black inset gives a more curvaceous silhouette  

In true Steve Harvey fashion, great pants!
Options for blouses. Both come in other colors
And if you've been following the blog you know I love me some print. That abstract print dress would give me soooooo much life.

To see more options from Steve Harvey collection sold exclusively at K & G stores check out the website here!

until next time ladies


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The look for MYNTPMM

So if you read my last post I talk about fashions and events from the Mynt 1792 and Plus Model Mag. So this post is really simple. Its what I wore and a few pics of the wonderful ladies that I look up to both in the modeling industry and the blogger world!

Outfit Details:
Top: Dots
Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Payless
Bag: DIY
Belts: my mommy's closet
Jewelry: Various places

  Me and one my fave models Chasity Saunders
 One my fave bloggers and followers Noel of Le Glam Princess of Curves

 Me & my girl Lisa of The Ghetto Fashionista...always enjoy seeing her!

 Ty, Lauren and Corrinn

 Me and another fave model Allison McGevna

 Kaela Humphries and Allison

Alyssa Wilson of Stylish Curves

Tulin of Plus Model Mag and Mynt Jeans Designer

Caught Kelly & Kellie in a candid moment!

Great times. Truly enjoyed myself. So until next time ladies.


Asos Dressing

It's never to early to start to hunt down those fabulous holiday dresses. I mean lets be real it's already September. Before we will be staring down the holiday season. And it should come as no surprise that Asos was my first place I turned to. Asos never lets me down with print filled dresses with just the perfect hem line. This fall/winter comes as no surprise to me, deep reds, navys, lace and plenty of sequin to go around. There is no way you won't sparkle when you walk into the room

Red and can a girl not feel fabulous in this dress. It also comes in black for those looking to be understated but still bold.

Lace & I need to say anything more?! With the perfect shoes and bag, you're ready to bring your holiday in with style.

 Champagne colors for a dress always worked for me. I think I just may need to purchase this little beauty. 
 If you ever wanted to be a statement piece, this will definitely will do it for you. 

 Navy is slowly making its way into my closet this season. Ad I'm quite excited about it. This dress may be simple, but that's the beauty of fashion...right? making things your own!
To see more dresses from Asos be sure to check out their site!

Until next time ladies


Partying with #MYNTPMM

Last night was just a great time. I had the awesome pleasure of attending Mynt 1792 and Plus Model Magazine's event at the Ainsworth. It was a night to reveal and celebrate the fashions of Mynt 1792. And to be honest my pockets will be hurting this fall lol Their jeans, their jackets are just to die for.

It was fabulous night with great food, free drinks and fantastic women. I had to not be star struck when I first got there cause I saw the faces of ladies that I truly look up to. The atmosphere was intimate, crowded (of course) fashion filled.

But on to Mynt plus size line aimed at dressing the whole woman. They will offer pieces that we can wear from day to night. Great options in jeans that truly fit our curves. And not just your typical blue jeans. They'll be offering metallics, skinny jeans, colored jeans  and more. The full line will offer jackets and let me tell you the jackets I saw, just tickle my fancy on so many levels lol Great quality, a fantastic cut & fit.

Be on the look out for the force that is Mynt 1792
Some of their Jackets

 How awesome are those jeans and that vest. Oh those jeans come in a cobalt blue w/ a black stripe!

 Kaela Humphries in one of Mynt Fantastic Jackets

 Metallic Jeans

 This fur die for!

Check the next post for my outfit from the night!

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