Friday, January 31, 2014

Is the Body Positive Movement going too far?

Hey Loves,

I really wanted to come to you guys with something that has been on my heart lately. I couldn't think of a better title, but I need you all to rock with my for a little bit. I'm hoping this post will open up a dialogue about the state of the "body positive" movement. Let me be clear, I am all for change, and healthier public images of plus size women. I do think our daughters need good examples of women doing great things. However the ideas I've been seeing lately I find troublesome to say the least.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Plus Size Swimwear

Hey Loves,

Yes you have read the title right. We're already talking about swimwear and it's ALL THE WAY like 10 degrees outside lol I know crazy right? But it really isn't. I know we're all waiting for the weather to warm up so we can flaunt ourselves on a beach on pool deck. So why not start making a list of the bathing suit you want from now?! This post will be similar to the one I did last year. (which seems to be one of my more popular post. check out Another Bathing Suit Post) Plus size swimwear has made MAJOR leaps and bounds and I have full confidence that we'll only see more options each year. Below I have listed some of the cutest options for all the plus size, thick and curvy women out there. Below you will find links to ALL the designers on this.

Plus size swimwear

Winter Lookbook; 5 Preview & Dark Lips

Hey Loves,

Ok so we have made it to look #5 of this winter lookbook. This Weather is so all over the place that it's crazy. You never know what the weather will be like until you step on the door. When I shot this look, it wasn't to cold, so I was able to get a way with not wearing a coat or scarf.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Lookbook; Got this on Loc

Hey Loves,

Yet another look for my winter lookbook. I dedicate this one to Alana, the owner of J.Aubrey designs. I purchased this t-shirt back in October when i attended Circle of Sisters. I stopped by her booth and when I saw this t-shirt I just knew it had to be mine.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Lookbook; Tapestry & Sequin

Hey Loves,

So we're hopping into look #3 of my winter lookbook. Yes I'm out in the snow lol don't judge my life lol I put this outfit together super last minute when I was going out with my dad for his birthday. Being that it was my dad's birthday I had to show out. Give him some bragging rights lol

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Lookbook; Black & Wine

Hey loves,

Let's hop into the 2nd outfit of my Winter Lookbook. I wanted to go with a different look for this outfit. A little more casual, and just a bit more edgy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Lookbook; Purple City Chic

Hey Loves,

I told you all that I would be embarking on a my own winter lookbook. I usually don't do lookbooks of my own because it takes so much planning and execution. And the weather here in NY/NJ has just been so brutal and rude lately. But I sucked it up and made sure I got some good shots for you all. to kick it off the 1st outfit includes this super cute dress my mother got me from City Chic for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Review

Hey Loves,

I always believe good has a way of working things out to be in your favor. If you read my Christmas wishlist post you know that one of my items on the list was the FT4 Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch. To be honest I didn't bank on getting it, but a girl can hope right?! But God made a way (through the blog of course) and I just couldn't wait to get in the gym, just so I could use the watch.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Herbal Essences Naked Kit Reveiw

Hey loves,

Last week I wrote about trying out the new Herbal Essences Naked Kit. I was super interested in figuring out how it would work on my locs. And I have to say I LOVE IT. Honestly having locs I like shampoos and conditioners that are light on my hair. When having locs, you tend become very picky about what you put in your hair. But after having used the shampoo & conditioner I most definitely would use it again.

This pic i took before I hopped in the shower. Can you tell I was excited? lol

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