Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Repeat Customer for Eddy & Bri

This post is long overdue, but better late then never right?! Recently I have been purchasing quite a few items from the great online store called Eddy & Bri. They are fairly new, but are making quite the statement already. Thick girls, should be excited because they are giving us more options. And to me that is such a great feeling. And to be honest I stumbled upon them and I'm so glad I did. I own quite a few pieces from them and I'm more than satisfied. They constantly have new things coming in, so you never feel left out.

Eddy and Bri is the newest premier shopping destination for curvy fashionistas! Eddy and Bri sells garments that allow plus size women to fashionable and feel good about what they are wearing. Our offerings include new and resale clothing for plus size women sizes 14+. Out target market is plus size women that are constantly in search of fashionable clothing that is both affordable and well made
The boutique offers unique finds that can be worn all over town. You will find garments inspired by the latest trends from all over the world. Out garments are carefully selected to accentuate and define the very best your has to offer.
We want you to look good in what purchase, but more importantly we want you to feel god about the amount you spend- n item is priced over $100 you can lok great without having to break the bank
We truly believe that fashion is about more than how you look, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle. Balancing affordability and quality, Eddy & Bri brings you fashion fr your curves.
My blazer is from Eddy & Bri check ut my ProFASHIONal post here

I have this dress
 I just got this skirt in the mail

Definitely ready for the spring

What I love most is that, they definitely keep up with the trends are. And being on a college graduate budget, they are right up my alley. The shipping is reasonable. Their website is user friendly, I can't tell you how much it annoys the hell out of me to be on a website and it's slow or to much goes on before I get to my ultimate destination. I am definitely becoming more and more a loyal customer. And they truly care about their customers. I follow them on facebook and there is a lot of interaction and for me that makes me more wanting to shop with them. Anytime anyone asks me where to get cute things from, they are definitely on my list.

You should definitely check them out and see what they're about.

Find them on
Facebook and their website


Monday, March 26, 2012

Pulled the Hoodies out the closet for Trayvon

Some times we have to stop pay homage to the young people who will never live to see my age and beyond. In case you haven't been paying attention, the country has erupted with the controversial killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. About a month ago, as he was walking home from the store, he was shot and killed by neighborhood watch George Zimmerman (he claimed self defense and has yet to be arrested).
Zimmerman retains his innocence and says he shot Trayvon out of self defense. Now mind you Trayvon was only 17 maybe 150+ pounds, and all he had on him was a pack of skittles and an ice tea. Oh yea what a threat. (Laying that sarcasm on pretty thick here) oh yea I for got to mention that trayvon was black and wearing a hoodies. I guess Zimmerman really saw huge threat with that one.

My cousin Leon is 19 only 2 years older that Trayvon, and it aches my heart to know that could've been my cousin, on the phone with his girlfriend d walking from the corner store and had his life cut short. I cant say I know what his parents are going through but at the end of the day we have to give a damn or else this can and will get worse. Trayvon isn't the first, but we need to make sure he's the last. To many of our young men are losing their lives for no reason.

But I wear my Hoodie for Trayvon
For his parents

For my 19 year old cousin

For every young African-American male that is singled out and deemed threatening.


Happy Blog-aversary


With the hectic weekend I had, I totally overlooked the fact that March 25rd marked one full year of the blog YAAAAAAYY! It has been one awesome year. And such a blessing to me. You as my followers have been so awesome and super supportive of pretty much everything I do. It's crazy how God really works in our lives. I started my blog randomly in my dorm room, finding any and every reason to not do my homework. But here I am a year later and this is my passion. It's what I live to do. I spend a good portion of my day on my blog or blog surfing. And now social media is all I know.
But I wouldn't change my choice to blog for anything in the world.

Because of you, my followers I have become a better woman, a better blogger, and better all around person. I have gained so much confidence in what I do, in what I wear, and how I view my body. And that is so important in today's world. Many of you inspire me so that I can go forth and inspire others.

Going forward...
The blog will become a dot com starting in April
-after really working so hard on the blog I would like a little bit more independence. and the best way to do that would be to drop the 'blogspot'.
I will make a point to post more about things and designers in the plus size industry
- as a part of my blogging new years resolution, I did say i wanted to post about more relevant content besides just my outfits and the outfits of my followers.
Be more interactive with you all
-I love you guys, really I do and I need to do a better job of showing it.
Be more selective of my submission content
- I know this one may be a little harsh. But I have to set my standards. My blog is about fashion, and let's be honest, you don't respond to outfits that aren't amazing. And I believe in giving you all the best!

You know I value your opinions, so if you have anything
-you would like to see more of
-taken away

pleas feel free to leave a comment, facebook me, tweet me or email me.

Find me...

I love you guys! and Thanks for hanging in there with me for the last year. And I can only hope that I can continue you to peak your interest and that you continue to stick around

to many more

When Life gives you a dress...

You know when they say life gives you lemons, make lemonade?!?! yea I'm sure you know. Well this pass weekend was a perfect example. My friends and I were heading up to Boston to go a fashion show that one of my followers had invited me to. We were geeked, we had our outfits planned out, right down to our make-up. But sadly half through out bus ride we found out that the fashion show was canceled....soooo now what? Needless to say we were rather bumed out. But hell we figured, still get dressed up any way, take pictures and go out to dinner. And hell we had our own little fashion show in the hallway of our hotel.
It was the best. To see all our outfits and how different we really are, but the bond that we share is that we love fashion, so it totally works for us!
I wore and a knee length body con dress with an Aztec print from Asos (their straight size line #win) my mint green pumps and my yellow clutch from Fashion to Figure. Make-up, hair and jewelry was kept simple because you know outfit should always be the main statement!

I got the idea from Gabi's outfit, which you can see here!

Outfit Details"
Bag &belt: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Just Fabulous


Colorful on Nice days

I'm definitely feeling some kinda way because I wore this outfit on Friday, and I'm just now able to post about. I had quite the weekend, which I'll get into in my next post. But it was absolutely beautiful up here on Friday. And I was excited because I was finally able to wear the wrap dress that I got from Old Navy. I paired it with my leopard print wedge booties for a little extra pop. I felt super sexy. And apparently a lot of men thought so too. The amount of attention I got in this dress was WAAAAAAY  more than I was use to. But hey what can I say...everybody ain't able lol

But what I love about this dress, is that it's comfortable and flattering. (as is most wrap dresses) This is the second wrap dress I won. The other one was black that I got from NY & Co. back when I was in high school. I wore that thing to death. And when I saw this dress, I knew right a way that I had to have it.  I pulled my hair in to this really great messy yet some-what polished bun with my very simple and familiar jewelry and It was the perfect outfit for a nice day at the office.

Outfit details
Dress- Old Navy
Wedges- Just Fabulous
Jewelry-Goodwill, Forever 21 & Wetseal

Hope you had a good weekend and a great week!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pocket Full of Sunshine

Good morning ladies! I know I haven't done and outfit post in quite a while. This new job doesn't really leave me much room to take pictures. Even today, I had to use the camera on my phone. But we're making it work! I'm so in love with the simplicity of this outfit that I just knew there was no way I couldn't write about. But any who, it's suppose to be in the 80's today and I sincerely hoping so. But I really wanted to feel like spring, so I finally pulled out my midi skirt I got for Old Navy, you can check out my post about old navy here!

To be honest I was little afraid of the hem line. I didn't think I would like it on me. the midi skirt isn't for everyone....but it works for me. And I mean hey, anything with pockets just makes me happy. I kept my shirt simple, because I wanted it to be all about my skirt. I think I accomplished that, don't you? I paired them with my black lace up wedges. and I find it so funny because when I was younger, I use to laugh at my mom for packing her real shoes in her bag and putting on them on when she got to work. And now I do the EXACT same thing. I commute to the city every morning, like most people who live near NY do. And some outfits (like this one) require heels, but I'll be damned if I wear my good shoes with all the walking I do in the morning lol and plus I there's only so much walking that can be done in these shoes lol

welp so there you have it!

Outfit Details:
Top- Gift from my mom
Skirt- Old Navy
Wedges- Ebay
Jewelry- Dots & Forever21


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real Life Runway; Simone

I have been wanting to do this post for theeeeeee longest. One of my co-workers at my job, always comes to work fly. I mean i get jealous. I swear if she had her own fashion blog I would basically stalk it everyday (yup i said it lol) I #lowkey always want to raid her closet. But any way, when I saw her come in the office today, I just knew I had to put her on the blog. So ladies please say hello to Ms. Simone Williams! *round of applause*
This is what she wore to work today, and I have to say her wardrobe is just as fabulous as her personality. This whole outfit gives me life. You all know I love a pop of color with print! #win. And you know what makes this outfit all the more better, she wears it with confidence, and I can definitely rock with that!
You can't tell me she isn't fabulous?!

All I know is, she betta WORK *snap* lol

Outfit Details:
Dress- H&M
Blazer- Forever21
Belt- Steve Madden

To be apart of the Real Life Runway series click here


Dorothy Perkins on my good side

I've always taken a liking to Dorothy Perkins as brand, but never really perused their site much. and I'm mad i haven't done so. being bored so early at work, I started looking at their dresses and needless to say i want them all. Being that I now work in a very fashionable environment, it is imperative for me to step my game ALL THE WAY up. lol The girls in my office, in my opinion always look effortlessly put together. I am determined to always look my best.

So here are a few pieces I'm loving right now

I'm in love cobalt blue this season

I have been eyeing these kinds of dresses for the longest. especially the color blocked one on the left.

I love the print of the red one. and the stripes just seems so chic.

 this dress just screams sexy! the color and the silhouette...need I say more!

So what do you guys think. I have to put Dorothy Perkins on my radar ASAP. To see more dresses click here


Friday, March 9, 2012

11 Things

HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! I love when I'm cruising my favorite blogs and I come across a tag post, that just so happen to be tagged in.  IDK I get all extra giddy lol So Tereza of Drastic Plastic has tagged in this '11 Things' post (thanks a million love), and I'm quite #geeked so her we go

-answer all 11 questions
-come up with 11 new questions
-tag 11 bloggers

1. If you would live in a movie, what would that movie be?
The Devil Wears Prada. that is movie and I would give anything to have her job. for get the pay, give me the perks!

2. When you shower, you sing, I know you do, what's that song?
I actually don't sing in the shower. I tend to talk myself through things I have to get done! lol

3. Sneakers or pumps?
BOTH!! I pride myself on being a girl that loves and chucks, J's, nike, Pumas, and creative recs...but I will flip the script and wear my 5 inch heels!

4. Why do you blog? What made you start your blog?
Now it blog because I love it. i blog cause it gives me a purpose, its made me more confident, my self aware and has created relationships with ppl across the world because we have a common thread. But me starting my blog was completely a procrastination tool lol I didn't want to do my homework and facebook just wasn't cutting it anymore.

5. "Girl crush", we all have them, who's yours?
Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Dior, Sanaa Lathan,

6. When did you meet your best friend?
I have a few I met Kelsey & Meredith when I was 10 yrs. old. and my best friend Tammer I met her in college.

7. What's the biggest fight you ever had?
Biggest fight had to be with my dad when I was in high school.

8. The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
its not really romantic but it was cute. I was working at Lane Bryant and my boyfriend at the time called my job pretending to be and education counselor wanting to help my cousin get into school and when i was completely confused he let the cat out the bag and said he called just to here my voice!

9. What's your worst habit // quirk, something that even you know it's a bit wrong?
Using Q-tips. I live for q-tips to clean my ears, when the box clearly states DON'T PUT IN EAR CANAL lol

10. Which famous fashion designer would you take in a bunker in case of a nuclear holocaust?
Michael Kors. ( By the way If you're looking to buy Michael Kors's stuff try looking at with these coupons )

11. How is fashion going to look in 2052?
I honestly don't know. Who ever would've thought would want the clothes my mother wore when she was my age?!?! so I'll just have to wait and see.

My questions:
1. If you could create your own clothing line, what would you name and who would be your target focus?
2. What is your dream aspirations for your blog?
3. Name the 3 fashion accessories you just can't live without?
4. Can a girl ever have to many handbags?
5. Your guilty pleasure?
6. What would you be doing if blogging was never invented?
7. One movie that you know word for word?
8. What is the one pair of shoes you own that you love but know are the most uncomfortable things ever?
9. Favorite male actor? (if you have more than one go head and name them)
10. #teamandroid or #teamiphone?
11.What's your fashion addiction?

so now to tag 11 bloggers....yea idk if i'll do all 11 but I'll tag a few. Ticka, Armanda, Eileen, Finichia, Vivi

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

IFB Project #37 A walk down memory lane!

So when I saw the project post I just knew I had to be a part of it. It's funny because immediately the first photo I though of was the 1st picture below! I was a typical little girl with the puffy dresses and the patent leather shoes (in black & white) that I wore with my white socks with the lace trim. I am pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about lol. I like to think I get my love of fashion from my mom. even though we went through the typical "mother/daughter don't agree on clothing phase" but now when I shop, you all as my followers are first in my thought process, but also creating multiple outfits for myself. my mother always did that with me when I was younger. It was about having those dresses that can go from Church to some dinner outing we went to. So as you can see fashion is what I do lol

You see, I've posing like this for years lol
 One thing I use to love to do was wear my dads clothes/shoes...clearly my feet just don't fit lol
 My parents use to love taking family pics, and we ALWAYS had to match. but hey we were one fly family!
So there you have it, my little trip down memory lane.

Btw my tumblr has made its one year mark! yyyaaaayyy


Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrifting Orgasm

yes you read that title correctly! This is in fact a thrifting orgasm. On Saturday I had some free time on my hands so i decided to go out. I originally intended to go to target, but I knew there was a Goodwill not to far from target so I was like what the hell I'll go. 10 minutes into Goodwill it was like magic. I just kept finding things. I was beyond giddy lol. Every time I found something I would get this huge grin on my face, and starting thinking about all the outfits I could come up with from each item. (you know i only think of you all when i shop) After awhile I had to stop myself because I had so many things, it was amazing. ok so enough about me talking lets see what I got shall we...

I have been looking for an extremely bold blazer and this is the 1st thing I found! love it!
 When I saw this shirt on the rack I just started to salivate and my heart started to palpitate. ugh i had to have. I snatched it up so fast, I almost knocked the rack down lol.
 This purple shorts! the camera doesn't do them justice. they are high wasted shorts ahhh #win they are a size to small, but that is why we have tailors right?...right!
 Simple flat black booties, just perfect for my everyday commute to work!
 A pair of rain boots that i needed badly because the pair that I have kill me feet and i just hate to wear them.
 When i saw these I i had to have them. I was on the hunt for some more combat/riding boots and these just tickled my fancy.
 A pair of retro sunglasses. I was so happy to find them cause the other pair i use to have broke. (my heart sunk when they broke)
 These earrings! I just had to have. they were too fierce to pass up. It's so retro, just perfect!
Welp there you have it. I had to put some things back, but I am pretty proud of what I walked away with. I have a lot of ideas in mind for my blazer and blouse. The boots I definitely plan to put a lot of ware on. The earrings and the sunglasses...well you know me ;) so what do you think?!

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