Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stripes at work

Today's outfit was very simple. Not really anthing to it, but I felt cute and that is all that matters. For those who don't know I work at Barnes & Noble and today we Joel Osteen giving a book signing. And it was a rather large crowd of people. So I wanted to look good. No that I don't look good normally, but there are times when I get a little lazy when getting dressed for work. Excuse the not so great pictures. I was actually in a rush. but hope you like it!

Jacket & top-Dots
Skinny jeans- Forever 21
boots- Shoeland


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wear it proudly

I did a post about a month ago about Gisela Ramirez an Australian plus size designer. and how I just Purchased one of her crop tops that says F*CK FLATTERING. I really haven't had many places to wear cause I work all the time and I'm sure Barnes & Noble would not be happy with that. So today on my day off I made a point to take some pics of the top.
In case you all didn't know I have an obsession with leggings. These are my favorite basic black leggings. The belt I got from Catherine's, and it is slowly becoming one of my favorite belts. The booties are from torrid.  I did wear the top once to a party I went to, and got a few laughs and complements about the top. So thumbs up to that.

You can find Gisela all over the web
What Gisela Wore
Gisela Ramirez Blog
Shop Gisela Ramirez

Monday, October 24, 2011

Standing Against Bullying

So this post is supa important and personal to me. If you did not know, October is also anti-bullying awareness month. Bullying is such a huge issue that our kids have to deal with everyday in schools. And it is beginning to make its way the workplaces, and adults are being picked on, bullied, and laughed at.

As someone who was made fun of when I was younger, when I see others being bullied it really breaks my heart, because it brings me back to when I was 10. I had to learn to look beyond the bully. and know that I am beautiful. Just because I'm different doesn't give anyone the right to laugh at my expense. And now-a-days the term "kids can be cruel" has been taken to a whole new level. They're taking things beyond the school hallways and playgrounds, and taking it to the internet. Verbally abusing others on facebook or myspace or through email. It's disgusting.

It is not enough to tell your kids to ignore the bully. It's not enough to just tell a teacher. Things like that are needed (don't get me wrong) but we need to keep motivating our kids, helping them to gain more confidence in themselves. Bullys are nothing new, but it doesn't make it okay.

And for the adults that are picked on at work or even in college, one I think that is just stupid, cause to be a bully when you're ALL THE WAY grown just says something about your character and your life is CLEARLY jacked up. But I would say to those of you who are victims of bullying, don't let their words dictate your actions or how you feel about yourself. I know that it is easier said than done. But if you love yourself and you know you are worth something, then take what they say with a grain of salt. To this day I am still laughed at and talked about...but no one will dare come to my face and say anything crazy. And even if they did, I probably would laugh at them for waisting their time even talkin to me. buuuuuut that's just me.

So I made this outfit on polyvore because I myself didn't have time to put together an actual outfit and I really wanted to represent for anti-bullying. Purple is the color and I thought what better way to stand against foolishness than to rock and awesome outfit, that enhances your fierceness and your confidence.
Please check out the websites below to learn more about anti-bullying.

Stop Bullying

No Bully




Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lingere & Swimware for the thick girls

I know we all like to have the sexy panties or sexy corsets. Whether or not you have man, it is a must. I know some of us have these items hidden away in our dresser drawers or extra thick closets. So it's time to get a little sexy on the blog. There's a fabulous website by the name of Plus Size Lingere. They offer great options for the curvy woman, for the thick girls, the plus size girls. I don't know about you but I still want the things I wear under my clothes to look good lol offers a big choice of ladies’ lingerie in larger sizes, with selected bras up to K cup and 56 back size. You’ll also find stunning special occasion lingerie including basques and corsets to flatter your figure in sizes 12-32.
-Plus Size Lingere

I actually have never owned a corset and have always wanted to purchase one. But you know me, I will not spend and arm and a leg for clothes. But Plussize-Lingerie is affordable. That's right up my alley lol. They offer great corsets to be worn under you clothes. And for those of us who are willing to be a little daring, corsets that can be worn without a shirt, And you know me...skinny jeans, pumps, and fierce bag; YES PLEASE!!!


Now I am well aware that it is October and most of us aren't thinking about buying bathing suits right now, because we're to busy trying to stay warm. But if you like what Plussize-lingerie, you will also enjoy Plussize-swimware. Bathing suits are like people, each one is made different to fit the needs of different women. Plussize-Swimware has options for women who need that

-Extra lift and support
-A little bit more shaping
-For the bigger chested women
-Great prints
-Two pieces (for you bold ladies)

And the list goes on. I personally haven't purchased a bathing suit in almost 2 years. So Plussize-swimware is definitely on my radar. and again because I love you all, I want to help you save your money, Plussize-swimware is affordable! CA-CHING!!!!
And they just don't stop there. When you go to the beach...the pool...or water park, you want something to cover up. Great prints perfect for those summer days. And we're all about style. brings you all the latest looks in ladies’ larger size swimwear. You’ll find stunning swimsuits in sizes 12-32, plus size tankinis, bikinis and beachwear in big sizes too. For the big busted woman we have a large choice of supportive bra cup size swimwear too.
Shop online anytime and enjoy delivery direct to your door.

Be sure to check out both sites!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wear Simple & Fierce Meet

Wear Simple & Fierce Meet

Wear Simple & Fierce Meet by athickgirlscloset featuring a yellow gold bangle bracelet

So I was cruising the blogs and I saw a Dorothy Perkins post on Stylish Curves, and I as i was looking through the dresses on the website, I saw this great Ponte Dress. If I could afford it I would so buy and this is the idea of an outfit that I had in mind. I love that the dress is very simple. Not much to it. But this is when we can great creative. I do believe that not everything has to match. as long as it "goes together" I say wear.
And in case you haven't noticed I love color. Part of me wanted to put a colored belt on but I felt like that was to much witht the shoes and bag. Maybe if I was doing all black shoes and bag then a colored belt would be perfect....(but i digress)
Im really into spiked jewelry. I'm planning to do a couple DIY earrings. I figure it will be super easy, but will make a world of a difference. The ring when i saw in online I just had to add to the outfit. I can't afford it but its nice to look. Right?
And the lipstick, as a women of color, for the longest time I was afraid of colored lipstick, but recently I have been rockin my pink and red lipstick, and I want to get really daring with this color.

Welp hope you guys like it! If i had the money I would so do an outfit post for this lol love you guys


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get DRESSed with Bonmarche

ANNNND its official I'm moving to the UK lol The fashion just knocks me out every single time. Come on now U.S. we need to step it up. So I have been introduced to another UK based online site that offers great clothes for the plus size fashionista. Its called Bonmarche. I've been crusing through it all morning and it is really growing on me. I judge a lot based on how I navigate the site, is it very user friendly, the option of clothing, and most importantly the option of sizes.
Bonmarche is very much for the grown woman. I think a lot of us need that option. The option for us to look our age to dress our age. Great pieces for interviews for the work space. But don't get it twisted just because you wear something to the office doesn't mean you switch it up and WORK!!! lol


Bonmarche offers a little something for everybody.
The women who love print
The women who love sequins
The women who love Jersey
The women who love great patterns
The women who need clothing for every occassion....
Bonmarche GOT YOU! I promise

But What I'm really here to show you all is there lovely dresses. some people think dresses are to left for the summer. But I beg to differ it is all about how and what you wear it. And I'm telling you all right now I am saving my money because there are quite a few dresses that I'm lusting after. Again their options for dreess still give you the prints, coloring blocking, stretch jersey to insure great fit . Here are a few of my top picks. Find more plus size evening dresses here.
YES!!!! for color blocking. (mouth currently watering)

Loved this one cause it has pocket!!!

The turquoise color is great for different seasons

A fab blazer, a great belt, shoes and a fierce bag...#done

dont get turned off by the grey...colored shoes...and you're on your way.

Now logistics. So you want to purchase one these lovely dresses, or anything else on from the website, how would you get your item. Well for my UK followers they offer a 2nd day delivery. (lucky you!) Nw for us U.S. shoppers it about 10 business days for a price. And for other countries, it may alter depending upon the country. But I mean I'm sure its all worth it. But if you would like more details check out the shipping information here.


Kreative Blogger Award

So much to my surprise I was crusing through my email, and a fellow blogger Kara Johnson from The Juicy Journal gave me my fourth blog award. I know some people don't like these, or don't take this serious. But I cherish these because that means someone out there likes what I do. and that is all that matters; YOU MY FOLLOWERS!!! So here we go

So here are the RULES
1) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2) Complete the form below
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Award 10 Blogs and drop them a line about it

Name your favorite song: My list is ALL THE WAY long lol but of the top of my head it would have to be Fool of my by Me’Shell Ndegecello
Name your favorite dessert: Cheesecake
What pisses you off: Ignorant people. People that talk down to me. People that don’t respect me or my family. Juvenile people.
When you're upset, you: I write; mostly poems but I so keep a journal with a lot of choice words on a bunch of different topics. Also I shop. Shopping heals a lot for me.
Your favorite pet: I never been a pet person :/
Black or White: The LBD is always my 1st choice
Your biggest fear: Failing…and losing my parents.
Your best feature: My smile, my lips, my legs
Everyday attitude: I’m up for a reason. Let’s make today a good one.
What is perfection: Having everything/everyone that makes me smile
Guilty Pleasure: Online shopping. Even when I have no money, or any plan to buy something I just cruise online stores.
    7 Random Facts
    1. I'm Belizian, Mexican, and American
    2. I can eat bananas all day
    3. I like random songs that others dont
    4. like the previous fact I like random movies that other dont
    5. I live in Jersey and like to feel like a tourist in NY around the holidays
    6. I broke my leg when I was 7 over a blue ballon
    7. I still talk to most of my exs

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eloquii by the limited

So maybe I'm a little late on this but it is still exciting news to me. The Limited is releasing their first ever plus size line. ahhhh! Yes ladies, I'm telling you we are moving up in the world every single day. Now for those of you who are not familiar with The Limited, its is a brand that catered to mostly straight size women, but it is known for putting out very trendy but chic clothing for the grown woman.

The beauty of The Limited is that they offer not only great clothing for the work place. But great clothing for a night out with the girls, or a night out with the hubby. That's my kind of store...however I've never been able to shop there. I usually just admire through the window. Or use it as inspiration to create the look in my size. And look for alternatives.

Every woman deserves great fashion
-The Limited CEO Linda Heasley

I couldn't agree more. As a plus size woman, I still want to look good. I know you've all heard me say this before. But I'm loving the idea that my choices of places to shop is ever expanding. I applaud The Limited because they listened to their shoppers. Unlike some other stores/brands they took a step out on faith and made a point to build a plus size line that not only looks good, but makes plus size women proud to buy. Eloquii has teamed up with some great plus size bloggers...including fashion blogger Gagi Gregg of gabifresh, Nicolette Mason of to get a perspective on what fashionable plus size women want. We don't want sacrifice style because of body size. We want to be able to buy from the same stores as our straight size friends. I think The Limited is heading in a great direction, many stores are following suit and I couldn't be happier. I expect nothing but impeccable style, taste, and fit.

Check the short video below. The intro to Eloquii by The Limited


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Asos, Aldo and Cielo give me life

Omg...Omg...omg I have been waiting to do this post for the longest time. Since I got everything, i have been meaning to make an outfit. My harem pants are from Asos Curve, my shoes are from Aldo and my shirt is from a designer Cielo. So today when I had some time I got dressed, and fell in love with the outfit. To be honest I almost returned the pants cause when I got them in the mail, they didnt tickle my fancy like I thought they would. But after letting them marinate on the brain, I figured there has to be an outfit I can rock with this. And this is what I came up with.
Adn you know what I found out, when I go to take pictures for the blog, my outfit always dictates how my pictures will turn out. Sometimes I'm so in love with the outfit that the pictures just turn out naturally. And these were on of those times. Let me know what you you guys.

Outfit run down
pants-Asos Curve


Stripes, skirt, and tote

I've been meaning to post this outfit for quite some time. But then my charger desides to die on me. But now that I got some time here it is. I wore this outfit to work, and the outfit itself was quite inexpensive. The shirt itself I got for $16 that was originally $88 (2 thumbs up) Lately I've been wearing my hair in a high messy bun. One cause it's easy to do, and two cause I'm being lazy and dont want to retwist my hair. I felt super cute. I lovethis outfit. If you didn't know I work at Barnes and Noble. We can wear anything besides blue jeans. Some of my co-workers say I have the most fashion sense. Its flattering but hey just cause I work in a book store doesn't mean I can look cute. (ignore the fact that my skirt is wrinkled)

Outfiut run down
Top- Bloomingdales
Skirt-Old Navy
Belt- Catherines
Flats- Payless
Bag-Aldo tote

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