Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forever Fit

I've been meaning to write this post for like a week now. One of my favorite places to shop, as you all know is, Forever 21. I always find something in that store. Even if I'm not looking, that's when all the cute stuff magically finds it's way to the front of the rack so I can see it. But this post isn't about the cute stuff. It's about Forever 21's new workout gear. Why does this excite me? Because now we have more options for cute workout clothes. Part of my shallow self likes to look cute even when I'm working out and sweating lol Please don't ask why. But during fashion week, I stopped in the Forever 21 on 42nd about 5 times in span of 2 days. And was amazed at the options of workout gear.

They had really great options for colors. Great yoga pants, capris, sports bras, basic camis etc.

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering why is this a big deal. Well if you remember back during new years, one of the pledges I made to myself was to be a healthier me. I have been making strides with my eating, so the next thing is to really stay with the fitness and remaining active. I personally think it's a great idea that Forever 21 is offering workout gear. Because they are really becoming a one stop shop, you can get you cute clothes, and you workout stuff all in one place #totalwin. 

Per usual, the price range is from about $11.80-$22.80 (talk about affordable) So now ladies we really don't have an excuse to not be in the gym, or working out. Cause now we can look extra cute doing it lol

For the women that are working out, please check out the latest post from Stylish Curves. She opened up about us plus size women that do actually work out and are healthy despite the size of our bodies. Check it out here

Until next time loves,


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Meet #AfterFiveNYFW

So, to round out my actual birthday on the 12th, I attended this awesome little accessories event at the MiMa towers. I was given an invite by the beautiful Ashley Bonds on instagram. When I got there the atmosphere was very laid back but super chic. Ashley and her team definitely set the mood very well. I was able to walk around, mix and mingle and get to see who else was there. There were awesome little confetti, and little signs giving you all the social media info you needed. Great vendors to shop from. Just very cute, sexy and fashion forward.

Ashley looking fantastic in teal, giving me all kinds of leg

 About DeVawn Acessories

DeVawn Accessories, a New York City based company, is the destination for urban chic fashion accessories and jewelry curated by emerging designers. They specialize in increasing product & designer exposure.

DeVawn Accessories has sold online as a way to bring local independent designers to the masses, while helping grow and support their business. With an ever-growing number of newsletters subscribers, fans and followers, DeVawn Accessories realized that expanding to trade shows, trunk shows, and placing products in brick and mortar boutiques was the next step.

Now both online and the road, DeVawn Accessories makes it easy for shoppers to support and discover great designs and deals, bringing together the most fashionable accessory brands  and allowing customer to cross-shop amongst several designers.

As DeVawn Accessories continues to partner with new talent, it carefully selects designers with a distinctive style and creative eye for the future of fashion accessories.

Like I mentioned earlier, the atmosphere was so awesome. They held it at the MiMa towers in one of the suite rooms (I guess lol) It made it very easy to move around, see what the few vendors had. You could sit on the very comfortable couches, or sit by the "bar" which boasted incredibly intoxicating flavors of Nuvo. You could munch on some nuts or strawberries as you spent your time networking, having photo ops with familiar faces as well as getting to know different people in the room.

Real talk these flavored drinks from Nuvo were AMAZING!!

 I told you the decor was super cute!

Also in attendance were some really cute jewelry designers. Much different than what you would see in a forever 21 or H&M. Which if you know me, is right up my alley. I love seeing things that I know a million other girls will not have. And personally I'm really getting into looking for more grass roots places to buy from. There is a different kind of talent that comes from them.

These 2 beautiful young ladies not only exude style in how they dress, but the their jewelry line gave me life.

Great color options, statement pieces; rings necklaces earrings...pretty much everything you could ever ask for.

Honey B. Jewelry
Super fun, very much a place for statement pieces that are fun and full of color!

How cute are these little clutches from Gigee Marie

I've browsed their website about a million times already, and I'm definitely loving what they have to offer. The most adorable clutches, ipad covers, and jewelry. Since it was my birthday, Ashley, Gigee, and Camille of MontagePR gifted me the lovely Python clutch, and I'm so excited to wear it. Its super light, great to have as the extra accessory. And it features a really cute chain wristlet, so it is always with you. Stay tuned for an outfit post.

Also as a way to showcase the different lines, there were some gorgeous models wearing pieces from each designer of the night. They walked a "mini runway" as I call it. Ashley briefly spoke about each designer, giving us small background info about both the designer and the line. Afterwards the models had time to mix and mingle so that we as guest could really look at the pieces up close and personal. It was something different, but I liked it. The best way to see what you love, is to be up close and personal with the designs, and I think they did just that.

This model is such a beauty! I really want the earrings and necklace she had on. From Vintage Royalty.

The owner of Vintage Royalty

 Needless to say it was a good time. I had a blast. And all the vendors of the night will definitely be hearing from me. Cause I do need some new pieces to add to my ever growing jewelry collection.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Walk that Walk

I got my pencil and paper out, so I can learn. Learn what you ask. How to walk of course. Ms. Runway Diva/designer/model herself Jeannie Ferguson held her annual "Walk This Way" walking class on the 9th at Ripley Grier Studios. And I must tell you, I had a ball. 3 hours in my heel definitely did a number on my feet, but it was all worth it. If you never seen Jeannie walk a runway I suggest you youtube her. I remember the 1st time I saw her in Atlantic City at NJFFFW last year, she blew me away, and every since then I get excited to see her on the runway. And to have that kind of knowledge broken down, is just incredible. 

So the second I heard that she was having a walking class, I made sure I saved my spot. I ordered my comp cards, got my new fave Steve Madden heels ready. As I arrived I saw quite a few familiar faces, and some new faces, that I'm sure would become familiar in no time. 

She starts her class with an introduction as well as some stretching to get our hips ready to move. All of us stood facing the mirror and with a hip swinging playlist set, she was ready to bring our sexy out, and we hit the ground movin...quite literally. 

She made a point to break down how to drop your hips, crossing of the feet as you walk, the pivot at the end, as well as exiting the runway.We worked on each technique as we walked to our favorite songs. I can still hear her say "ya'll betta not walk to this song. DO NOT WALK TO THE MUSIC" lol that is quite hard to do when she has Rihanna and Queen Bey on blast. Oh and she had the nerve to put on house music so you know we had to get all the dancing out before you hit the runway lol

She made her class a reality. Meaning that we may be in a show that is blasting our favorite song, and although our 1st thought is to walk to the music, we have to learn how not to do so.

Every piece of information she gave us, was general for everyone to understand, but still specific for each of us to personally use and take away. She treated us all the same whether you are a novice like myself, or a seasoned walker like Suzette Michelle, she gave the proper tips to make your walk the best it can be. Singling out every aspect of the runway. From the time you get ready, your walk down, your pose at the end and ultimately posing and exiting. 

We watched, we listened, we shed a few tears as she talked about the late great Mia Amber, we laughed as she said "I walk in like I am 6'0 tall and 30 inch long hair "

Ms. Jay Jarvis (Fashion Editor of Pose Magazine)

 The Icon herself Ms. Theresa Randolph

 And we walked...Honey when I tell you we walked....we walked lol By ourselves, in pairs, in groups of the 3. New girls with the vets, tall with the short. It didn't matter we meshed together to make it happen. 

To be honest I was extremely nervous, because I didn't know what to expect. I know how to walk in heels, but a runway walk is a whole new element. There is a lot that goes into giving life on that runway. When to turn "it" on, when to be sexy, when to be's a lot. Knowing how to create hips if you don't have any, I gained much more respect for runway models. because to just get up and walk won't cut it. Being that not only was Jeannie supportive, but all the women in the room being supportive, by the end of the class, myself and other women in the class went from questioning our walk, to having a Tyra Banks...Naomi Campbell moments lol

Oh and in case you were wondering, she had her heels on and was walking right along with us.

Ya'll know I had to snap a pic with my girl!

So if you are thinking about modeling, or you just want to get your walk on point, I highly suggest taking her class. You will leave with not only a new sense of confidence, a wealth of knowledge, but such a warmth inside because of the level of fun and energy during the class. 

Clearly it was a star studded class lol Some of my fave models!

Be sure to check out Jeannie on instagram or facebook to keep up with what she is doing. And if you are interested in learning how to Walk that walk stayed tuned for her next class. To all the women I met at the class, it was my absolute pleasure to meet you all, to learn and grow in this craft, and to know that there are supportive women out there. 

Until next time ladies

Thursday, February 21, 2013

By Any Means All Black

Hey loves, so I’m kind of excited to do this post for two reasons! 1. because it’s my 1st collab and with the beautiful and fashionable Kim of Naturally Fashionable! EEEEEEEK!!!  2nd, because I think this something that I will do every year. Today (February 21st) marked the 48th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. So to honor the day, I wore all black. You may remember I did the same thing last year. If not, then check it out here.
So I know some of you are like “why in the world did she do this” well historically Malcolm X may have been a little rough around the edges, and maybe could have chosen his words better most of the time, and yes he did play by his own rules, but this man still found a way to move a nation of people, both Islamic and non Islamic. And did it with every negativity in his face. And think that is something worth honoring

And I reached out to Kim because I love her style, I love her energy and I have been following her blog long enough to know that she lives for doing an all black outfit. She was super nice, because I came to her last minute and she didn't hesitate! #totalwin

Soooo now that we got the sentimental and history part out the way, on too my outfit!
Outfit Details
Top: Target
Skirt: Strawberry
Belt: Dots
Booties: Torrid
Headwrap: Forever 21
Bag: Kmart
Coat: Catherines (Christmas gift)

I must say that I am rather proud of myself, for doing my 1st headwrap. I’ve always wanted to do one, but I have so much hair that I thought it would look funny. But nope I love it. Pretty much all these pieces you’ve seen before, but this the 1st time I’m putting it all together.

I’m super excited to finally be wearing my bow suspender tights. I got them in the mail about 3 weeks ago and haven’t been able to wear them.  And I thought what a perfect time to. They are super comfortable. However, my one issue is that the “control top” part can easily be seen. Now that could just be my thighs. But other than that, I love them.

My photos taken by Julia 

I hope you liked the outfit, and this one goes out to Malcolm X and the entire Shabazz family. And a huge thank you to Kim, check out her outfit below, and be sure to follow her blog and subscribe to her awesome videos on Youtube (if you're not...but you TOTALLY should be)

Until next time loves!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I kicked of my NYFW festivities by attending the IFB conference at the Altman Building. A huge thank you to my blogging mentor and big sister CeCe of The Big Girl Blog for allowing me to go. It was an awesome experience. I went back in 2011 and gained so much. So this time around I made sure to take all that I could. I attend only the second day but it was really chuck full of vital information It really discussed behind the scene of the business of blogging. Like Affiliate programs, and copyright information. How to package a proper media kit to market to the brands you want to work with.

I thought the topics at hand are things that we all need to know, in order to keep our blogs moving. I mean we all want to take the best pictures, and gain more traffic, and go to the events. But the truth of the matter is, you have to learn and understand the foundation of how to make you blog strong behind the scenes.
And as usual, in between the panel discussions, we had time to play.

If you wanted you could bedazzle a really awesome shirt with Curious George on the front courtesy of MailChimp

You could enter to win some bomb ass (excuse my language) head phones from Monster Products. You could customize the sample headphones they and take the best picture to win.

You could get your face beat by the Bare Minerals team…I was in heaven and I walked away with some goodies.

Alan and Alex jewelry was super cute, and you could play in the photo booth like me and my love Meaghan of Little Lime Dress

Check out some of the fashionable women of the day!

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